RCCDMUN has been fortunate to have dedicated, knowledgeable, and hard working advisors that have developed it into the program it is today. All of our success is possible because of the outstanding leadership of our Faculty Advisors and Assistant Advisor.

Dr. Dariush Haghighat, Co-Faculty Advisor

  • Political Science, Ph.D.
  • Department Chair, Economics, Geography and Political Science
  • President, RCCD Faculty Association
  • Professor, Political Science
  • Academic specialization: Middle Eastern Politics, US-Middle Eastern Politics, World Politics, International Relations/Affairs, International Organizations
  • Contact:

Dr. Ward Schinke, Co-Faculty Advisor

  • Political Science, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Political Science & Economics
  • Advisor, Young Greens Coalition
  • Academic specialization: Latin America, Latin American Politics, US-Latin American Politics, US Foreign Policy, Political Economy, Comparative Politics, International Organizations
  • Contact:

Prof. Tomas Ocampo, Assistant Advisor

  • 2017 – M.P.P. | UC Riverside School of Public Policy
  • Associate Faculty, Political Science
  • Academic Interests: American Politics and Policy, US Foreign Policy, International Relations/Affairs, International Organizations, Environmental Justice, Environmental Health Policy, Climate Change, Race/Ethnicity, Politics and Policy, Intersectionality and Politics, Social Media and Politics
  • Contact: